Shares for Beginners

In this episode, Al discusses with Shares for Beginners on why practicing stock research is the best way to become a better investor, instead of simply following stock tips. He compares investing with cooking, which everyone can improve only by making a few bad dishes.

Equity Mates Investing recommends Simply Wall St as one of their stock analysis tools

In this specific episode, Bryce and Alec discuss the bull case for A2 Milk and have a fun chat with the Specky Hotline.

Equity Mates Investing is Australia's best investing podcast for millennials. Join them, as they breakdown the barriers to investing, to make the markets accessible to everyone.

The Australian Investors Podcast

Al Bentley takes Owen through why and how he and the team built the Simply Wall St business from scratch to 2.5 million users.

Bank to the future with Chris Titley

Al talks about why he started the business, the ability to bring together data across multiple feeds and exchanges, and how education on finance/investing is a critical market.

Startup Playbook: Building Simply Wall St Growth Engine

Our CEO Al Bentley and Rohit Bhargava, from Startup Playbook cover a range of topics including:

  • How Al built an organic growth engine that allowed Simply Wall St to acquire 3M users

  • How to prioritise feedback on product requests from customers

  • How Al created scarcity when fundraising

Simply wall st share club

Simply Wall St Shareclub

Shareclub is where our team learn to invest together and we’re happy to share our learnings with the world.

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