The revolution 澳洲10开奖结果历史回顾与幸运十分钟快速查询指南 for long term stock investors

Built on the principles of long term investing to help individuals at every stage of their investment journey.

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Investing in stocks is the most powerful way to build long term wealth

Successful investors follow 3 principles

  • 1
    Think in decades not months
  • 2
    Be objective & independent
  • 3
    Continuously learn & improve

Take control of your investing and build a portfolio that you’re proud of. Simply Wall St equips every individual investor with the processes and tools to stick to the principles and succeed.

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Stock Reports

澳洲10开奖结果历史,幸运十分钟,快速查询澳洲10结果,168开奖结果,澳洲10专家推荐计划 Identify wonderful companies
Determine a fair price

Comprehensive visual analysis on any stock covering all aspects of the business in a consistent and unbiased format.

Institutional Quality Data from
Stocks worldwide
Global markets
10 year +
Historical Data

Which stock are you currently researching?

Evaluate them easily with our stock reports that cover risks and rewards

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Stock Notes

All your insights
Together in one place

Remember every move, set your alerts and make better decisions. Use notes alongside our watchlist and portfolio to take your investing strategy to the next level.

Note editor with autosaving.

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Investing Ideas

Fresh investing ideas for you

Get inspired with over 100 stock collections across many investing strategies and industry themes. Don't miss out on the new weekly market trend collections with analysts’ commentary.

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Stock Screener

Find your next quality investment

Quickly narrow down your favourite type of stocks with our easy and powerful screener. You can start from top level characteristics to specific key metrics as your strategy develops.

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Portfolio Tracker & Analysis

Make progress toward your goals

Use our bespoke analysis to get a top level view of your diversification, weighting, risks and overall performance. Keep track of your capital gains, dividends across your holdings.

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Intelligent Updates

Stay up to date on important changes
that could impact fair value

Skip the noise and get only the impactful updates that matter to the business and long term valuation. Our curated set of alerts helps you stay focused on fundamentals and pay attention only when necessary.

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Weekly Market Insights

幸运澳洲10开官网开奖结果-澳洲幸运10开奖官网直播 Global market analysis
to help you cut through the noise

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Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders
6 reviews
5 star Google Review

As someone just finding their way in stocks and shares this app has been invaluable. The fact I can upload my portfolio to the app and get a feel for performance is fab. I honestly feel this app is useful to novice and experienced investors alike and I highly recommend it to you.

6 reviews
5 star Google Review

Incredible, simply brilliant. The info this site finds and presents is unreal. you couldn’t obtain this info without wasting weeks doing intensive research. Setting an incredibly high standard, good luck to their competitors - there’s some magic minds in this team.

Twitter review

For those that are truly interested in stock trading, look for the “simply wall st.” app. It will display performance and other in depth info about a company you wish to invest in, thus making you a better investor. 🙂 You are welcome

Wayne Snow
Wayne Snow
Local Guide•46 reviews
5 star Google Review

After a 30 year career as an Investment Adviser I retired to manage my own portfolio. I use a number of tools for this purpose. Simply Wall St. has a unique pictorial approach to quickly and effectively cut through the massive amounts of data to narrow to a select few candidates. It is very easy to track your holdings. They are also very transaparent in presenting how their results are obtained. After two week trail I have parted with my hard earned money. I expect that they will help in making better investment choices in the year ahead. WES

Ian K
Ian K
14 reviews
5 star Google Review

Great customer service ! I sent a couple of emails prior to committing to a subscription and received a prompt answer. Subscribed & fully satisfied my money is well spent & very informative & visually pleasing site. So far I am a big fan & has already helped me to weed out some of my future non performing stocks, probably paid for my subscription fee already.