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Writing Prompts: Hello Gretchen

In honor of being in Savannah, this week I will be doing my writing prompts based on random pictures. If this goes well enough, I may consider making it a thing. I’d even take photo submissions.

Day 63

She looked out the window. She lost hope of being found with every passing day. He did everything in his power to make sure nobody knew anything was wrong. Including taking her phone and constantly updating her social media. As far as anybody knew, she was out and about having the time of her life. She was healing from her recent horrible break up.

Her thoughts strayed back to that horrible night again. She should have just let it go. She shouldn’t have kept pushing for answers from Stacy. She learned more than she ever expected to. Stacy was still in love with her ex. Stacy’s ex wanted them to get married and have kids. There was no way to compete with that. All Stacy ever wanted was to start a family.

They could have had a family. She knew it. She could have said it. She was just so shocked at the events that she let Stacy walk away. She didn’t even fight for her. By the time it occurred to her to do so, she felt something go over her mouth and the world went dark. When she woke up, she was here.

A sound came from the other side of the room. She tenses with fear. She doesn’t know if she should stay where she’s at or hide. She looks down at the chain tied to her ankle. She looks around at everything close to her that she can reach. It’s too late. He steps into the light and smiles.

Hello Gretchen. We finally meet again.

Writing Prompts: What Would you Do For Someone Else?

Writing Prompt: What would you most like to do for someone else if you had the money in time.

Note: I’m choosing four people here. I’m not including names. With the exception of “Mom”.

For Mom: I would pay back all my debt to her. I would also buy her her dream home and pay to have it set up for her just the way she wants it. I’d have an art studio included in the house for her.

For My Fiance: I would have a game room set up for him. I’d have all the consoles he wants and all the games he wants put in there for him. If he chooses to try doing a gaming blog, I will get him all the equipment he needs for it.

Empath Friend: I would try to set her up a room where she can just go and be by herself completely. Where she can just unwind and not feel like she’s having to take care of the world. She and I both forget to put our own personal needs first. She’s always looking after mine. I feel like that would help her look after her own as well.

Author Friend: I would make sure that she has all the material she needs to promote her book and write future books. Anything she needed to make her happy and make her dreams come true. She’s so creative that it’s inspirational. I hope to have her dedication one day.

Writing Prompt: Travel

Writing Prompt: If you could travel anywhere you have never been, where would you go?

At one point, this would have been a hard one for me. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to take photographs of all of the beauty in the world so that I can hold on tight to it during the dark times. I still want that, but this question isn’t as hard for me as it once was.

I would want to go to Iceland. It seems like such a beautiful and peaceful place to be. I’m sure that the weather would be so cold. To me, that would be an excuse to stay in and read! I don’t know as much about Iceland as I should, but the things I know make me feel like I would feel at home there.

Writing Prompts: What Advice Do You Need To Give Yourself Today?

Writing Prompt: What advice do you need to give yourself today?

That everything is going to be okay. That things may seem overwhelming now, but they won’t always be. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture because we’re stuck in the moment we’re in now. It does get better. We just have to keep pushing through. We just have to keep working. Sometimes, I forget that. Sometimes I need to remind myself of this instead of letting my anxiety let me drown.

Writing Prompts: Would You Rather

Writing Prompt: Would you rather live in the beach or in the mountains?

Answer: In the mountains.

Beaches are beautiful. I will never deny that. I’ve never felt comfortable on a beach for long periods of time. It’s okay for brief time periods. Especially when I’m inspired to take a million pictures of the beautiful scenery. Sometimes observing the beach scene is just beautiful. It leaves me full of inspiration. I think I would lose that inspiration if I lived on a beach.

The mountains are peaceful and calm. I feel like I would be so productive there. Also, there are places in mountain areas that are near lakes. It’s not as good as an ocean some would say, but it’s very peaceful. At least to me it is. I enjoy peace and quiet for the most part. I’m an ambivert, but I tend to lean more towards the introverted aspect of that.

My aunt and that side of the family have a beautiful lake house on the mountains in North Georgia. It’s so beautiful. I dream I will have that one day.

Writing Prompt: Something I Want To Remember

Writing Prompt: Write about something you want to remember.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I think I may have even been over thinking it quite frankly. It’s hard to think of just one thing I want to remember. There are too many beautiful memories for me to want to remember just one thing. The day I graduated. My 21st birthday. My first kiss.

Then I realized that I was thinking too narrowly. I don’t have to choose a specific memory. I can do something else. Something that covers a broad variety of memories.

I want to remember happiness. I want to remember every single time I feel it. I want to be able to pull it around me like a cloak when I’m not feeling so happy.

I want to be able to share that happiness with others. Especially when they are down. I want to help them get the smile back on their face. Put hope back in their hearts.

I want to lock all of my happy memories into the feeling of happiness so that I can pull them out whenever I want to remember them. Happiness will be the best thing I could ever remember.

Writing Prompts: Three Positive Thoughts

Writing prompt: Share Three Positive Thoughts

  1. Somebody will always love you unconditionally. People turn against you. It’s life. However, there will always be at least one person who will always have your back no matter what. They will always care about what’s going on with you.
  2. It’s okay to not be perfect. There’s always going to be things that we are strong in and things that we are weak in. That’s okay. It’s what makes us human.
  3. Be authentically you. You will always find happiness in life as long as you are the best you that you can possibly be. Never try to be what you think others want you to be.

My Writing Plans For 2020

I think I’ve made it obvious that I really enjoy writing. I’ve had my doubts and insecurities about publishing with very valid reasons. However, I think I’m looking at things in the wrong way.

My biggest issue with publishing was the fear that it would take my time away from reading. I see authors today pushing themselves to put at least a book out a month. If not more. It has to be stressful. I get why they do it. It still seems very stressful.

All that aside, I have decided that I would like to publish anyway. Not anytime soon. But eventually. My goal for now is to have my first book edited and ready by 2021. I also don’t plan to become a full-time author. When I publish, I’ll publish 1-2 books a year. Not because I’m full of myself and think that I’ll earn a ton of money that way. I just don’t see it as the only thing I want to do with my life.

Starting New Year, I’ll be dedicating two hours a day to writing. If I draw a blank for writing on a particular day, I’ll edit and shape up some of the work I already have out. I’ll share my progress every week. I may even share some of my writing now and then if that’s requested. But either way, I will post on Mondays about how the progress itself is going.

Thank you for reading! Happy New Year!

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Writing: My Passions and Fears

I’ve been passionate about writing since I was a teenager. I wrote many poems in high school. I had notebooks filled with poems. After graduating high school, I began writing stories. I’d spend hours a day just writing or thinking about writing. It was peaceful to me.

A few years after I’d graduated high school, the guy I was seeing at the time got it in his head I was cheating on him. In retaliation, he destroyed my writing as well as showed me how angry he was with me. He never apologized for his actions even after it became very apparent I was innocent. This caused me to lose my passion for writing significantly.

I spent years repressing my urges to write. And in some ways, I think it tainted my writing. I wouldn’t say I’m very talented in writing, but it’s something I love doing. I also can’t say that I just have urges to write. Well, I do, but they aren’t frequent.

In 2015, I participated in my first ever #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I wrote my first actual novel, Spirit Rising. It’s unpublished. I really need to rewrite and add to it. I was very proud of myself. I was finally writing again! I haven’t won another Nano project, but I’m not giving up.

I really am putting more and more consideration into giving in and publishing. I don’t expect to become a best selling author. And that’s fine. Just having my work out there will be enough for me. I know many people are afraid of failing when it comes to this. I get that fear. It’s something we will never know until we try.

What I’m afraid of is losing my time reading if I become a published author. It seems like the pressure to publish so many books a year is really common. My obviously solution for this would be to publish a book a year anyways. I know it won’t make me rich, but that’s seriously fine. I’m as passionate about reading as I am writing. Not being able to read books and review them would make me very uncomfortable.

I also strongly feel that I could use some writing classes. Maybe some editing classes too. My idea and concepts are great in my eyes, but the execution lacks grace and style. It’s definitely something I plan to look into. Until then, I’ll share my writings and my thoughts on writing here every Monday. I sincerely hope you enjoy!

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