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Writing Prompt: Cheese And Glasses

Writing Prompt: Cheese And Glasses

Shannon was deep in thought as she prepared for the party. She was trying to make sure that everything was taken care of. She had all the glasses for the party set out on the table. She only hoped she had enough. They only invited twenty people, but she gave them permission to bring other people if they wanted.
The front door shut as Shannon was cutting the cheese. Greg was home. Finally. He was supposed to have come home two hours ago. He promised he’d come home immediately after work to help her prepare for the party. Normally, she didn’t mind that he was always coming home late from work. She didn’t even ask him questions about it. She usually worked so much that the few hours to herself was a relief. Not today. She was furious.
“Hello, love. How’s everything going? Are we almost ready to party?”
“You would know if you came home when you promised to.”
“I know. I know. I’m sorry. Mark needed help with a project he was working on. I couldn’t just blow him off.”
“Whatever. I’m just not really in the mood to argue. Can you please check and make sure we have all the food we need. If we don’t, I hope you’re willing to go to the store. We have one hour before the guests show up.”
“I am willing to do whatever my love requires of me.”
Shannon moved aside as he came over to put his arms around her. It was his signature move when she was upset. She never said anything about it, but it always made her feel mocked. He would rather placate her than acknowledge her feelings. He was so confident that a simple cuddle would make everything okay again. She couldn’t do it. Not today.
“Why is Mark more important than the promises you made to me?
“Don’t be ridiculous. You know that’s not true. Why would you even say something so horrible?”
“You just blew off coming to help me prepare for the party to help Mark with whatever it is he needed to help with! I would say that’s a pretty good indicator.”
“Shannon. Enough. As you said, our guests will be here in one hour. This is our engagement party. Why don’t you get over this fit and cheer up? People will be here to celebrate our love for each other.”
“Fit? Did you really just say fit? I know I was hearing things. I know you did not just say that I was having a fit, Gregory Byron”
The look of horror on Greg’s face made it obvious that he knew he had made a mistake. He didn’t say anything. He just sat there looking at her with his mouth opening and shutting. Shannon fled to the bedroom and locked the door. She needed time to think and cool down before the party started. She couldn’t shake the feeling that things were starting to change between them. She was no longer able to shake the behaviors she used to before.

Writing Prompt: Coffin And Pencil

Prompt: Coffin And Pencil

Feeling her eyes cross after hours of work, Cindy finally set the pencil down. She was at a loss of what to further do with the project she had on hand. She couldn’t believe anybody would want something so extravagant, but they did. They also wanted Cindy to handle everything specifically. It was known to everybody in town that Cindy was one of the biggest event planners in town. She just never expected anybody to want an event planner for a funeral.
To be fair, Daria was a celebrity in the town’s eyes. She hadn’t made it big, but she starred as an extra in a handful of movies. That was good enough for us. Her passing was a blow to us all. We shut everything down for two days after she passed. She lived a very long and beautiful life, but her absence would be with us for a long time.
I looked down at my notes. I had the coffin picked out and taken care of already. I also made sure that her final outfit picked and the best makeup artist in the area to take care of her. I still needed to do many things to make sure everything ran smoothly. Especially the memorial service that will take place after the funeral. She knew that people would sneak in booze in some way or another and she had to make sure things didn’t get too out of control.
She stood up and made her way to the kitchen. Her stomach growling told her that it was time for a break. She took out the ingredients for a sandwich and fixed herself a cold glass of water. She drained the water in one go and fixed herself another glass. She didn’t realize she was so thirsty.
She sat down and started to eat her sandwich. She decided to go through her mail and her email while she was eating. She sorted through the mail quickly. Most of it was just bills and junk mail. A beautiful blue and purple envelope caught her eye. It was addressed to her by her sister. Curious, she opened the envelope. It was a wedding invitation. She was floored as she had no idea that her sister had gotten serious with anybody. The last she knew, her sister was still playing the field. She decided to call her sister when she was done eating.

Writing Prompts: My Dream Life

What does your dream life look like?

My dream life involves being in a career that makes me completely happy. Something I’m passionate about. It also involves being with somebody who loves me for me. Who enjoys the little things in life. We will spend nights watching television, reading, or playing games together. Somebody who I can take care of and will take care of me in return. We’ll be happy because we have everything we need and want in life and we will have each other.

Writing Prompts: Fishing Boat And Piano

Writing Prompts: Fishing Boat and Piano

Alex sat in his car waiting on the light. Just a few more hours, and he would be out in his boat leaving the world as he knew it behind him. He made it a special point to leave his phone at home. He wasn’t interested in communicating with anybody. Not today of all days. They could bother him any other day of the week. This day was hers.
He considered it fate that he found the fishing boat for sale the week before. It was the perfect price and it fit perfectly at his dock on the lake by his cabin. Nobody knew about the cabin. He came here to get away from everybody. There was only one person he shared it with. She was gone. She was never coming back.
The light turned green. He slammed his hand on the wheel before progressing forward. He couldn’t believe he allowed himself to think about her. He was above that. He was over it. Or so he made himself believe every single day that she wasn’t around. Some day he even tricked himself into believing she was just out living a life somewhere.
As he got closer to the cabin, his mind wandered again. He remembered that night clearly. It’s a night he would never forget. They had just celebrated their fifth anniversary. He had proposed to her. She was so happy that she cried. That night, she played some songs for him on the piano. They sang along with the gushy parts. He felt so blessed that she agreed to be his. He couldn’t wait to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.
He was woken up that night to their dog trying to drag at him. There was smoke everywhere. He couldn’t see anything. He stumbled through the house looking or her. He was beginning to think that she made it out when he found her on the kitchen floor. He didn’t think, he just ran for her and scooped her up in his arms.
He made it as quickly to the door as he could making sure that the dog was behind him. Once outside, he discovered that the neighbors had called for emergency and the fire trucks were already approaching. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t breathe. His lungs felt like they were on fire. He would recover after a few weeks. She would never wake up from her coma.

Writing Prompts: Bookcase And Queen

Writing Prompt: Bookcase and Queen

Marybeth was starting to completely panic. The Queen would be here any minute. It felt like absolutely nothing was done at all. She knew that she was being silly. She had made sure that all of the chores were tasked out. Everybody was doing what they needed to be doing. There was just one thing that was left unknown. The new bookshelf.
It absoultely had to be installed before the Queen got in. They also needed to have the books put in it so that it looked natural. Of course, the Queen would notice it right away. That wasn’t really the point. The point was how livid she would be to come back home to find that it wasn’t even put in its proper place. Nevermind that this is a surprise for her and she has no knowledge of it. The Queen loved to pretend that she knew about everything and was in on everything.
Bradley came into the study looking panicked. His face was flushed and he was gasping for breath. Marybeth ran to him without thinking. She put her hands on his arms and poured calmness into him. She didn’t remove her hands until the color had returned to his face and he was breathing normally again.
“Dear, what has you so upset?”
“You haven’t heard?”
“Now Bradley, you know I’ve been too busy this week for idle gossip.”
“You’re right, ma’am. I’m very sorry. It’s just I thought you’d know. Victoria has returned. Nobody can get in touch with the Queen to tell her the news.”
“What is she doing here? I thought the Queen made it very clear that she is not to be in the castle for any reason while she is not here!”
“She did! That new maid let her in. She doesn’t know better. She’s only been here a week. Nobody really told her about Victoria or the horror that follows her.”
“No. I supposed they didn’t. We haven’t had to deal with her for years now. It’s only natural that we would have considered the problem long since solved.”
Marybeth sat down behind the desk and got out a notepad. She spent several minutes writing out a very detailed letter. It was hard to do with Bradley almost hovering over her waiting to be told what to do. At last, she finished the letter and neatly folded it in half. She gave it to Bradley.
“I need you to deliver this letter to Victoria at once. I am not to go anywhere near her, but I can write her a letter to show my displeasure of her coming here when she’s not welcome. Please make sure that she doesn’t come anywhere near my quarters.”
“Yes ma’aam. When should we be expecting the Queen?”
“First thing in the morning. This place is nowhere near ready for her return.”
“You are too hard on yourself, Mary. It looks amazing. You’ve really outdone yourself this time.”
“You really think so?”
“I know so.”
He smiled at her and put his hand under her chin. He held her eyes for a few seconds before he left the room and went back to his tasks.
“One day he will find himself a wonderful wife. Somebody who will absolutely take care of him. It’s just a shame that it couldn’t be me.”

Marybeth had no more time to think. She spent the rest of the night making sure meals were planned. She checked every single room in the place to make sure there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. She even checked to make sure that the bookshelf was properly set up and held all of the finest books. She had just found a seat and got comfortable with a book in the library when she heard a voice clear from the entrance.
“My love. You do too much.”
“Your majesty! You’re not supposed to be in until the morning!”
The Queen chuckled.
“That’s what everybody else thinks. That’s what I want them to think for now. I want to spend the night with my favorite consort on the planet.”
Marybeth blushed.

Writing Prompt: Tree And Dance

Writing Prompt: Tree And Dance

Veronica sat by the tree and waited. She didn’t know how long she had been waiting for Sadie to show up. It seemed like hours, but it probably was only ten minutes. Veronica had a habit of being way too early to every event she had ever attended in her life. Most saw that as a virtue, but she saw it as a pain. She wasn’t exactly the most patient person in the world.
She heard a rustling to her left. She looked over to see Sadie stepping through the bushes. She looked as beautiful as ever. She had long red hair and the deepest green eyes imaginable. The green dress she wore fit her snuggly showing off every single curve. She made Veronica feel dull in comparison. Her hair was a shoulder-length dull blond. She was wearing a dress as well. It was a simple purple plaid fluffy dress.
When she reached Veronica, she hugged her. She was all smiles and sunshine. A person could get lost in the positivity that poured out of her daily. Not many people knew of the darkness she held deep inside herself. The darkness she pulled from everybody daily. Only Veronica seemed to know. Maybe because she consistently pulled darkness from others as well. That’s why they held such a deep bond.
“Do you really think this will work?” She asked in a whisper.
“I really do hope so. Mrs. Harvey said that all we had to do was the dance by this tree at midnight and repeat the spell exactly.”
“It just seems so silly. What if somebody sees us?”
“Sade, everybody thinks we are weird anyway. They only take a shining to you because of whatever spell you put off daily. They are drawn to you. Besides, nobody comes out this way.”
“Okay. I’m just nervous. I really want this to work.”
“Me too. Okay. We have two minutes left.”
At the stroke of midnight, they started the dance that we had been practicing all week. The one Mrs. Harvey taught them. They repeated the spell three times to make sure that it took hold. They didn’t mess up or stumble at all. I was really beginning to appreciate the fact that we practiced so much.

Goddess of Light
Hear my plea
Take this darkness
Away from me

Goddess of Light
Hear me now
Take the darkness
Give me back my power

Goddess of Light
I thank you
I am your servant
Forever and always

After they were finished with the dance and the spell, they sat against the tree. They were both lost in our own thoughts. I felt so many emotions and power pulsing through my body. Veronica couldn’t speak even if she wanted to. She wanted to take somebody and embrace them. She wanted to shout to the sky that she felt free. That she felt whole. She opened her mouth to speak, but she heard Sadie crying.
“Everything’s going to change now. I think everything we feel and experience will be intensified now.”

“Sadie, what do you mean?”
“I’m not really sure. I just feel like deep in my gut that everything is going to be different now. I’m scared.”
“Me too, but we will figure it out together.”

Writing Prompts: Butterfly And Train

Prompt Words: Butterfly and Train

Katarena was hiding in an alley trying to rest. She couldn’t remember the last time she slept. She couldn’t even remember the last time she ate a proper meal. Her focus was all on getting as far away as she could. She was no longer safe. Nobody really was. Especially not ones like herself. She fled her house so fast after hearing the horrible news that she’d forgotten to grab anything to take with her.
She felt like she had just dozed off when she heard a commotion. They weren’t close enough to see her yet. She could flee. She didn’t know where to go. She inspected her surroundings as quickly and quietly as she possibly could. She couldn’t believe her luck. Just a bit over on the other side of the alley was the train station.
Without taking the time to figure out who was around, she took off running as fast as she could. If they caught her now, everything was over. The lives that were lost to keep her safe would be for nothing if she couldn’t get out of here. He may have won. He may be in control, but he will never take her. She will never be his.
She got to the station just as a train came opened up to prepare for passengers. She was trying to figure out what to do when she saw one of them. He hadn’t seen her yet, but she knew he was looking for her. She ducked behind a wall and willed herself to turn. She chose a butterfly so that she could fly as quickly into the train without notice as she could. Once she was shifted, she flew as fast and desperately as she could. Her life depended on it.
Once she was on the train, she landed somewhere that she would not be harmed by accident. She wouldn’t feel safe to change back until the train was miles away from here. She heard somebody come in. It was him. He looked up and down the compartment she was in. He spotted a man and walked to him.
“Excuse me, sir.”
The man looked up from his book. “How may I help you?”
“I was wondering if you saw a woman come in here. She’s wearing a long purple dress. She has long red hair. You wouldn’t be able to miss her.”
The man made a show of looking around at the empty compartment before returning the star. “There has been nobody come in here that I have seen. Is there a reason you are looking for this woman. Is she in trouble?”
“The new King has some questions for her. He thinks that she would be a perfect candidate to join his royal guard.”
“Oh wow. She will be so happy once she hears the great news. I shall keep an eye out for her.”
“Thank you.”
The man went back to reading not bothering to wait for the soldier to leave the train. The soldier huffed and left as quietly as he came in. Not long after, the train doors closed and the train prepared to leave.
“It’s safe to come out, Katarena. I won’t hurt you.”
The shock of him knowing I was here caused me to turn back without even thinking about it. I stared at him with terror and shock. I didn’t know what to say. It was too late to run. I wasn’t exactly certain I could trust him.
“You are in great danger. I wish that I could tell you that getting you out of here will solve everything. It won’t. The King will stop at nothing to have you. You are one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. There are others like you, but they don’t have the power you do. He wants that. He wants you to be his so that he can use your power. I have come to protect you. At all costs.”

Writing Prompt: Ghost And Rope

Prompt: Write a story with the words Ghost and Rope

Vanessa came into the room and paused. She was unsure what to think. She had had a very long day. All she wanted to do was come home and relax. Take a nice hot bubble bath and read until she fell asleep. Was that so much to ask for? Clearly it was. Clearly her roomate had other plans in mind.

“What are you doing, Grace???”

“It’s not obvious? I’m trying to hang myself, but I keep slipping through the rope!”

“Grace, love, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re already dead. You have been for decades.”

“Ugh! Why do you keep having to remind me of this? Isn’t it bad enough that I died in the most embarassing way?”

“You had Scarlett Fever. I would hardly call that embarassing. Besides, look on the bright side. I got this house super cheap because you kept running people off. Which I still don’t understand. You’re so bright and cheerful. Well, usually. What’s bugging you today?”

“I just keep thinking about the fact that I’m stuck here. Just here. My whole family has probably moved on. They are in the afterlife without me.”

“You don’t know that. For all you know they could be harassing some other poor unsuspecting person.”

“Excuse me! I do not harass! I am just very persistant when it comes to getting what I want.”

“That’s the same thing!”

“No! It’s not. Just think how lonely you would be if I hadn’t kept bugging you and trying to befriend you when you first moved in.”

“That’s low. I would never rub it in your face that you’re alone and miserable.”

“That’s the thing. I’m not. I have you. And you have me. We’re great!”

I sighed. I couldn’t think of a response at all. Grace could be so incredibly weird sometimes. I did adore her. I had been living in this house for five years. I almost left once Grace first appeared to me, but she just kept pestering me, and here we are.

Writing Prompt: Favorite Season

Writing Prompt: What is you favorite season and why?

I am not sure if this will really shock anybody, but my favorite season is Spring. Mainly because I love flowers. Flowers that are growing in the ground. Not a bouquet. Those always make me sad when they die. I always hated getting flowers because of that. Anywho, the only thing I really hate about the spring is pollen. Other than that, it’s just a beautiful and amazing time. The world is awakening again. The weather is getting warm. When the flowers are growing, it makes me feel like it’s a sign of forgiveness. Like a gentle caress or hug. A sign that no matter how bad it’s gotten, things will be beautiful again.

Writing Prompt: Letter To My Future Self

Writing Prompt: Write a letter to your future self


You know it’s really funny. Growing up, they say that you have everything figured out by thirty. I was so excited to become an adult back then. I was so excited to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I thought I would have it all figured out. I was so wrong. I’m 34 years old and I don’t have a clue. Most days, I feel alone. I really hope you don’t have that feeling.

I have finally started healing. I had to open all the wounds and let them bleed out so they could heal properly. The healing is going to take awhile. I can feel it. It’s been really good for me though. It’s been nice to remove the scars. I have somebody in my life that encourages me every day to do so. To heal. To grow. To live. To love. She’s more amazing than she could ever know.

I really hope that she’s in our life when you’re reading this. I don’t care in what way as long as she’s in it. As long as she’s not an enemy we never speak to. She can be a friend, a lover. I don’t mind if we adopt each other in a family kind of way. I just know that I will never forget her. I’ll never forget her kindness and compassion.

I’ve been taking a lot of steps to better myself. I’ve also been trying to focus on a career that I want to do for the rest of my life. You would think that I would know what I want to do by now. The only thing I seem to know is that I don’t want to be around too many people. I want to get out of the retail type world. I’d love to be a writer and blogger as a full time career, but I just don’t see that in my cards.

Anyway, I’ve said all I want to say. I really sincerely hope that you’re happy. I hope that you have everything you want in life. I hope that you’ve made peace with who you are and the fact that that’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. You may lose some people. Don’t dwell on it. Focus on the gems that stay in your life no matter what. You are loved. You are kind. You are smart. You are independent. You are a ten. Don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re less.