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Fighting Fate Cover Reveal


Fighting Fate (Falling For the Unexpected, Book 2) by Teralyn Mitchell

Genre – Forbidden Office Romance

**Coming this Winter


Rae has despised Trevor from the moment she started working for one of the top law firms in the country. He’s arrogant, annoying, and a kiss a**. So why does her heart race when he’s teasing her?

Trevor has made it his mission to keep Rae at a distance from the moment she started working at the firm. She’s everything he could want in a woman: smart, ambitious, and gorgeous. She’s also the distraction he does not need.

What happens when one night of passion changes the dynamic of their relationship? Will they be able to get over their differences and try to make it work? Or will they continue to fight fate by choosing dreams over love?

Fighting Fate is a forbidden office romance and book two in the Falling for the Unexpected series!

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Lifeline To Marionette Blog Tour

Lifeline to Marionette
by Jennifer Waitte
Publisher: Madim Larcy Literary
Release Date: September 22nd 2020
Genre: General Fiction, Literary Fiction


A lonely childhood, a haunted past, a secret, and a life controlled by others–she is a woman at the end of her rope, without hope.

Alaina Michelle Sekovich is the daughter of Europe’s most famous living composer. Once his prodigy, they are now estranged. To the world, she is Michelle Seko, a multimedia star and valuable asset of the film and fashion industries.

Michelle was a gifted yet troubled child who sought only to see the suffocating world of her father’s overbearing tutelage. She thought she could change her life by becoming someone else. But when her world becomes herself looking back at her and the face that is her own is a monster she does not know, she finds there is no place she can go, nowhere she can hide, because what she wants to escape from most is the one thing she can never be truly free of–herself.

Lifeline to Marionette is a story about what life under a microscope can do to the soul. It is a story about a young woman whose every move is determined by the people who control her. Their strings are fine but unbreakable, and they pull her painfully in opposing directions until she can no longer bear their tension.

Lifeline to Marionette begins where Michelle’s life is nearest its end. It is a story of exploitation, greed, death, drugs, and secrecy, of familial bonds and human frailty. It is a story about cutting strings and accepting the fall.

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Jennifer Waitte is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. She is a graduate of California Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo, and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

For 15 years, Waitte worked as a writer and editor for numerous lifestyle, equine and equestrian sporting magazines. She has won many awards for her writing, editing and editorial direction.

Waitte is an avid equestrian. She competes in the sport of long-distance horse racing and dressage. She lives in Napa, California, with her husband Barry. They own Tamber Bey Vineyards, a boutique winery located in Napa Valley.

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The Bro Code Blog Tour

The Bro Code
by Elizabeth A. Seibert
Publisher: Wattpad Books
Release Date: September 22nd 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction


As a certified stand-up bro, Nick Maguire knows that some things in life are sacred: Do not skip ab workouts. Never back down from spicy foods. And always accept the outcome of Rock, Paper, Scissors. For these are the revered doctrines of The Bro Code, rules of conduct that have been passed down through the ages from bro to bro.

Heading into his senior year, Cassidy High’s star soccer player has his priorities straight and intends to spend his time playing sports, hanging out, and living by the code. But when his best bro Carter’s sister Eliza returns from studying overseas, the awkward, academic girl Nick remembers is different.

Carter might be Nick’s bro, but Eliza becomes his whole world—and he has to make a choice between them. Is being with the girl of your dreams worth breaking the most important rule: never date your best friend’s sister? Somehow, Nick never expected that following The Bro Code may have even bigger consequences than breaking it.

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Once upon a time, Elizabeth grew up in Bedford, Massachusetts with her parents, her two sisters, her dog, and her two cats. Elizabeth, a young millennial, participated in the track and swim teams and during her senior year of high school, she created her first draft of The Bro Code and became an immediate hit on Wattpad’s platform, winning Wattpad’s most popular humor story in 2012. The Bro Code received a publishing deal from Wattpad Books, Macmillan Publishers, and Penguin U.K in 2019.
Elizabeth attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she created her own major, Behavioral Economics and Media Writing. During this time, she wrote No Capes, her second Wattpad novel, which won Wattpad’s Talk of the Town award in 2015 and was optioned for a TV adaptation in 2017. Before graduating UMass, Elizabeth was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and joined the Ultimate Frisbee Team.
After college, Elizabeth moved to Cambridge, MA and launched her career as advocate for using stories to help and inspire her communities. Elizabeth currently works in marketing and takes creative writing courses at Harvard University. Since enrolling at Harvard, Elizabeth has written across multiple genres and media including a full-length action movie, a 60-minute psychological thriller television pilot, and a variety of projects that expand her short-fiction portfolio. In her career, Elizabeth has also contributed journalistic articles to The Bedford Citizen and has written content for healthcare start-ups, digital advertising agencies, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Lenovo, and women’s magazines. Elizabeth loves to cook, read, play board games, and play ultimate frisbee. Her heroes include giraffes, Batman, and her sisters.

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Mountain Misfits Sale Blitz

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Mountain Misfits MC: Complete Box Set is normally $9.99 is Only $0.99!

By Deja Voss

For A Limited Time Only $0.99

September 19th – 23rd



Meet the Mountain Misfits: a band of bad ass bikers living life on their own terms deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

These are the stories of Gavin, Brooks, Tank & Red, Goob, Micah and the wild women who win their hearts.

There’s steam, violence, and twists and turns… get your tissues ready and make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

This box set includes all six books in the Mountain Misfits MC series, as well as the Prequel Novella.

Above and Below

Meet the Misfits + Gavin and Sloane’s heartbreaking back stories

Never Coming Down

Gavin & Sloane’s adventure continues as she makes the tough choice between a life of misery in the medical field or changing her path to be with her one true love.

Highest Sins

Brooding bad boy Brooks finally gets his chance to be with his first love Esther, who has spent her whole life trading her body for the safety of the patch.

Bound by Steel

Everyone’s favorite sassy bartender Olive finally gets her turn with two of the hottest men on the mountain. Will their fight for a HEA end in a fight for their lives?

Rising Son

Recovering addict, neglected by his family and trying to come to terms with his past, Goob finds out he’s got a son he never knew about. Will Azalea be just what he needs to go from single dad to a place where he’s finally loved for who he is?

Twisted Fates

Micah left the club years ago, but he’s back and looking for answers. Amber wants answers, too, and thinks she can find them swinging from the pole at the Misfit’s strip club. How could their fates be so twisted?


Sh*t hits the fan. That’s all you need to know about the last installment of this series.

6 Full length books + one novella… what are you waiting for?

Remington Release Blitz


Remington by Elisa Leigh

New Hope Shifters Book 3

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Grab it here

Violet Spencer is a hot mess. At least that’s how she feels after making a spur of the moment decision that has consequences she isn’t prepared for. Trying to get out of her head, she takes a hike out in the forest. Everything goes from bad to worse in the course of a few hours and what started out as a good day turns bad. With daylight dimming, she doesn’t know how she’ll make it out alive.

There was nothing left for Remington Walker in his old pack. No mate for him to grow old with, no future he is willing to accept. Remington follows his brothers and cousins out of town, in hopes of finding their mates. He was content, for the most part, settling down with his small pack in Berkely Springs. When Jameson, then Jackson meets their mates, he’s happy for them, but he still doesn’t think he’ll find his. Until one day that all changes. He scents his mate’s blood, too much blood, in the forest near his home. His bear takes over, racing to get to her in time

What happens when he makes a choice neither of them can take back in hopes to save the woman he’s fated to love? Will she accept him and his bear or will she leave with the broken pieces of his heart?

Find Elisa Online!


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Dark City Blog Tour

Dark City by Anna Mocikat
2nd book in Tales of the Shadow City series
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
Publication date: 17th September 2020
Pages: 295

With the help of his human and non-human allies, Colton has accomplished the impossible; he killed the Overlord of the Dark Ones, crippling their offensive – for now. The battle is won, but the war has just begun.
Three weeks later, the nightmarish creatures from another dimension are back. And they’re stronger and more vicious than ever.
If that isn’t bad enough, Colton is suffering from a mysterious, life-threatening illness.
To save him, his friends bring him to the enigmatic Academy- a conglomerate of cyber-enhanced scientists. Here, the shocking truth about Colton’s identity is finally revealed.
Meanwhile, Vincent, a powerful entity disguised as a human soldier, falls for Eurydice, an ice-cold enforcer for the Dark Ones. He must choose which side he’s on. A momentous decision that could destroy the world as we know it…
Fast-paced, action-driven, and cinematic, Dark City takes place in the heart of the eternal war between good and evil, told in a way you’ve never heard before.

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Anna Mocikat is the award-nominated, internationally published author of “Behind Blue Eyes”, the “Tales of the Shadow City” series and the “MUC” series.
Before becoming a novelist, she graduated from Film School and worked as a screenwriter and game writer for over a decade.
Anna Mocikat lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Scarred By Pain Release Blitz

. ♚♦️ ƝƐƜ RƐLƐASƐ♦️♚

☠️ Scarred By Pain: New Orleans Chapter #2☠️

Series: Royal Bastards MC

Author: Crimson Syn

Model: Theodore Brown

Photographer: Jean Maureen Woodfin

Cover Designer: Lou Gray


Available on #KindleUnlimited






Taron “Knuckles” Brown, has always lived a lonely existence,

One which he prefers.

Retired Special Forces.

An unattached Recluse.

No responsibilities or women to weigh him down.

All is well until he comes across Dyanara Reyes,

A Bloody Scorpions Princess who has been locked up in her tower,

Pure and innocent and searching for a Knight.

But there is no shiny armor aligning this man’s shoulders.

Pain leaves scars unseen

And the past may be too harrowing to forget.

Being the Sargent at Arms for the Royal Bastards MC comes at a price.

Freedom is no longer an option.

Finding something to live for

Becomes the first step toward redemption.

And where unexpected love is concerned,

There are no chains strong enough to restrain it.

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