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Son Of Chaos by Lexi C. Foss Book Review

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I shouldn’t really review this book so soon after finishing it. Because I want more. I need more. But I feel that should be said in my review. I was instantly series from the first paragraph of the first book. I have to be honest, I was kind of skeptical this book would be good. I couldn’t figure out how they could pick up from the last book. They did GOOD though.

And of course the characters are amazing. They were amazing in the first one. I kind of wish my succubus was in this one. I’m kicking myself for forgetting her name. I’m horrible with names. Please give me a small break! I feel like I relate to both the main characters so much!

I can’t say enough how amazing the narrator Sarah Puckett is. I am glad I discovered her. I have discovered many great books because I’ve become a fan of her. Warning, listening to a Sarah Puckett audiobook will make a reader addicted to her voice and want to hear more. Tristan Hunt was pretty amazing too. I didn’t know you could develop crushes on voices! It’s possible though!

Please read the first book before reading this book. I guess they can both be read as standalones, but I don’t recommend doing that at all. This author is great. I’ve read a few books by her so far and she’s quickly becoming a favorite author. Fully recommend!

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Fifth Flame by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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I love this trilogy so much. I am just so sad it ended. I’ve mentioned before somewhere that I’m not really a very sappy individual. I mean I feel sadness, but it’s hard to cry over things. This made me want to cry in happiness and cry that it’s over!

The characters were still just as amazing as the first two books. A lot of people have book boyfriends. I have a book girlfriend now. Maybe two. Rachel is one of them. Lola is pretty amazing too. They are just both strong women who are talented and loyal!

As with the first two, the narrator did a fantastic job. As I haven’t listened to her do other audiobooks, I’m unsure if it’s because I loved this trilogy so much or if she’s super talented. I am willing to bet she’s super talented.

I am back on the thinking that these three books could have been combined into one. There wasn’t really a tournament in this one. I really enjoyed all three of them though. I found them all amazing. I didn’t want to stop reading about Rachel and Lola and everybody else!

Fifth Round by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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I reiterate what I stated in a previous review about how awesome it is to mix dragons with a game tournament. I suppose dragon shifters would be more appropriate, but it’s still awesome to me. This is a very unique series. I just adore it and can’t wait to read the rest.

The characters are still very connectable. I do feel that rather than getting more of the secondary characters get pulled to the front, Rachel was pushed a bit to the back in this one. She wasn’t participating in the tournament though. To be fair. There seems to be a hint about her that has transgressed to this book that’s really nagging at me.

The narrator did well on this book as well. I stick by what I said about wanting to listen to other books she narrates. I did notice a bit of an audio issue with these books. There were parts that were a bit sluggish. It distorted the narrator’s voice a bit. It was only short bursts and barely happened.

I am changing my opinion on the possibility of these being combined into one. Each book is based on a tournament. That’s justification enough for me. Both books have been really cute and easy reads. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Fifth Soul by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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First of all, the cover is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! This story was so amazing. I was instantly drawn into the world and wanted to just stay there. There are dragons and online games. Where could one go wrong? I didn’t want to come out of the world quite frankly. My only critique is that it was too short! I know there are a few other books in the series, but still. I also wish the whole dragon heritage was explained in more detail. But maybe it will in the next books.

The characters were pretty amazing. I feel like I got to know Lola and Rachel the most in the book, but I have a strong feeling I’ll get to know the three men as the series progresses. I totally ship Lola and Rachel though. It was so beautiful. I want a relationship like that. The closeness of best friends and the love of lovers! Where can you go wrong?

The narrator was pretty fantastic as well. The accent was so adorable. I’m not sure if I’ve listened to other books by her in the past, but I can assure you that I plan to listen to more. Not including the next two for this book. She has a lot of talent. I could see her becoming one of my top favorites.

There’s a chance that I’ll eventually feel that maybe all three of these books could have been condensed into one books. That won’t happen until after I’ve read all three books. Either way, the story is wonderful. I have loved it from the first page! Can’t wait to read more.

Ian by A.S. Kelly Book Review

I feel like this had the potential to be a very powerful story. And, in ways, it really was. There were some very prominent parts that kept it from reaching its full potential. I do want to say that I really enjoyed the fact that it was told in two different perspectives. I do feel like there were places that the writing gets a little rushed.

I wanted to like the characters. I really did. I mean you have to feel for somebody that has a troubled past and just keeps on going. It’s a given. There are people that have the strength of many but never show how much they hurt. That’s the two main characters! It’s just that they get so childish and unbearable! Maybe I’m just being a stickler and over-analyzing.

The narrators were okay. I really enjoyed the female narrator. She did a terrific job. The male narrator just kind of seemed a bit bored with the narration. It felt like he was very choppy or like he was talking through a tunnel. He did have a very nice voice, though.

I did enjoy this book. I can’t say it was a favorite. I’m debating on continuing the series. It seems like it’s more of a stand-alone series than an actual series. I reiterate what I said. It is a story that has a lot of potential. It was a nice read.

Deep Echoes by Melody Ash Book Review

I really enjoyed this story. It covers a very popular topic, but in a very unique way. I enjoyed reading it a lot and wish it was longer. There will be other books in the series. Which I find amazing. I am excited to read them all!

The characters are really amazing too. I wanted to just keep reading about them. They were all likeable. There were a few characters that faded in the background more than they should for my liking. I think that’s just my personal preference.

I really enjoyed this story. I recommend anybody who likes time travel type stories to read this. It’s exciting and fast-paced. I read it all in one sitting. While I wish there were things that were prolonged a bit, the story was very enjoyable. I hope that the rest of the series will be as well.

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Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich Book Review

I started to feel like this series was going downhill during the teen books. It seemed like the author was running out of ideas and getting bored with the characters. They weren’t horrible books. It just didn’t match up to the start of the series. The series is beginning to picking back up. I’m falling back in love with the series. Well, I didn’t really fall fully out of love with this series. It’s still one of my favorites of all times.

I will always love the characters in this series. I want more books with Mooner in them. He is my favorite characters in all the series. And let’s be honest, Ranger is definitely book boyfriend material. Meow. Grandma Mazuur and Lula always manage to bring chaos to the story. One of the biggest reasons I love them so much! I also wish Stephanie’s parents played a bigger role in the series.

I will always recommend this series. It’s witty and hilarious! It’s your normal mystery/thriller but with a lot of humor. I’m excited to keep reading this series. I’m ashamed to admit I put this series down for awhile. I’m making up for it now though!

Phoenix by Jessica Wayne Book Review

I’m going to be completely honest and state that I wasn’t fully feeling this book once I first started it. I was underwhelmed with the storyline and lack of details. A lot of it felt brushed over. I kept reading though. I’m glad I did. I fell in love with the story. I can’t wait to read the rest.

If it weren’t for such amazing character development, I wouldn’t have given this story a real chance. And that’s sad because this wound up being a pretty amazing story. The characters, especially the main two, were so easy to connect with. There were a few characters that I wish had a bigger role, but maybe they will in future books!

The narrator was the other reason I didn’t put this book down. She has incredible talent. I was pulled into the story and the emotions because of her. I hope she goes on to narrate the rest of the series. I also look forward to listening to more books narrated by her.

All in all, it was a great story. I may not have enjoyed it at the beginning, but I warmed up to it immensely. I fully recommend this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series. I’d love to find people who have also read this book to talk about it with them.

Magic Harvest by Mary Karlik Book Review

I really enjoyed this story a lot. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t had training and studying for certification, I’d of finished this book in one sitting. It was entrancing! I was rooting for everybody! I do have to disclose that there is a minor bully trigger warning. It’s brief but it’s there.

The characters were, for the most part, very relatable. There were times that they came out a tad bit robotic. But that was very rare. I was rooting for all the good guys!

The narrator did a fantastic job with this book as well. Her accent was a bit distracting. In a good way of course. It was very entrancing. I believe she added to the story very nicely! I hope she narrates the rest of the series!

Irresistible Jerk by Mira Stanley Book Review

I just can’t believe that it’s going the way it’s going. Not sure how to even explain how and why I like this book so much. Both books have been incredibly easy reads. They’ve been wholesome as well as steamy. My only critique is that I feel both books could have really been combined into one book. But it’s cute they were made into two.

The characters are completely easy to get attached two. I wish I had more of the other characters other than just the main two. Especially Rico. I hope I’m saying that name right. Bringing his point of view in is very intriguing. 

The narrator did a great job as well. I really enjoyed it. I’ll always be picky about men doing female voices. But he did a pretty decent job with it! Most male narrators kind of make women sound like ditzes. I’m sure it’s not on purpose though. I think it’s just how deep they sound naturally.