Blog Schedule

Monday: Book Haul. I’ll show the books I’ve got in the mail and ebooks. Both bought and won. I used to do this a long time ago. I miss doing it. Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday: Character Fandom. I’ll gush about a character that has stuck with me. Or I’ll talk about a quote in a book that really stuck with me. Either way, I’ll make sure context is there so it makes sense.

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday. It’s a popular blog that goes around that gives an update on reading plans. I really love this. Very much.

Thursday: Featured Book. I’ll pick a book that recently finished or I’m currently reading that I’ve really been enjoying.

Friday: All Things Audio. For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with audiobooks. I used to get so frustrated with myself because I wasn’t reading much. I started listening to audio. I now listen when I play games, am scrolling the net, when I’m cleaning, when I’m working out, etc. Anything where I can “read” but not physically. It’s been amazing. I’ll either talk about an audiobook I’m currently in love with or a favorite narrator or a newly discovered narrator.

Saturday: Reflection. This will be a personal blog. I’ll talk about the activities I’ve done in the week. Most of these probably won’t have a lot, but now and then I have book club meetings and stuff I’d like to talk about. Either way, I’ll make the reflections entertaining.

Sunday: Free Day. I’ll write about anything that comes to my mind. I may take this day off on some weeks. Depends on how my week has been and if I need to catch up on things.

**Book reviews will be posted upon completion of a book. These will never be scheduled. **

**Book Tags will be put together and posted once I have been able to put something together. Feel free to tag me in any book tag. I think they are fun!**

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