Kado: Lost Treasure of the Kadohadacho by E. Russell Braziel Book Review

Tom Murrell finds himself in the middle of an Indian war when he stops and protects Indians from a brutal attack. One of the Indians passes his gift to Tom and makes him promise to deliver a message to his tribe. While delivering the message, Tom finds himself heading for a great adventure.

This story was impressive. I really enjoyed reading about it. It made me want to go and surround myself with literature from that time period. This is a fictional account of events that actually took place. I suppose one could complain that the text is written more modern than historical. That doesn’t really bother me. As long as the historical events remain pristine, I’m okay. If one of the settlers had pulled out an iPhone, then I’d have a problem. Just giving an example.

I really adored the characters. Especially Mattie. I feel like Mattie has the personality that I would have in those times. She’s fierce and determined and doesn’t let the fact that she is a woman get in the way of what she wants or her pursuit of learning. I really hope that her character was based on a real person from that time.

The narrator did too amazing of a job. I really felt like I was actually there. There were times he even made words sound like the sound he was going for. There were times where there were sounds of drums. I felt like he was actually depicting drums. His name is Eddie Garvar. I haven’t heard of him until this book but I’ll definitely seek other audiobooks by him because of this one.

This book has impressed me so much. I will probably find a way to get a physical copy of it to read multiple times. It has inspired me to do research on the people the story references. I’m not really shocked to learn that it took the author fourteen years to write this book. He definitely made sure that it was a book worth reading that didn’t disappoint anybody. Is it possible to give a book 50 stars?

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