Birching His Bride by Golden Angel Book Review

Eleanor has been spoiled and pampered by her mother for years. Her father puts a stop to this by making sure she is properly disciplined so she doesn’t shame the family. He arranges her marriage immediately after her coming out party to somebody he knows will keep her in line as much as he did.

I’m surprised I enjoyed this story. Normally stories like this make me feel very uncomfortable. It’s not that I am against it. It’s just not really my cup of tea. Something told me this would be different. That this author was different. I was completely right. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the books.

I didn’t really feel connected with the characters as much as I got connected with the story itself. I cared about them, but I didn’t really feel what they felt. I honestly can’t say I really cared for Eleanor that much either. She was a spoiled little brat who didn’t care about anybody’s feelings but her own. Not that she deserved to be treated like a child, but still.

S. Kitten was a terrific narrator for this story. I’m not sure if she narrates the rest of the series, but I sincerely hope she does. I enjoyed hearing her voice very much. it was very soothing. As weird as that sounds. She got some words mixed up here and there, but it still worked. Her performance was beautiful.

I stepped out of my comfort zone with this book. I’m glad I did. This book was definitely wonderful and sensual. It’s not what I expected at all. Or maybe I should say that it was much more than I expected. Maybe it defeated all expectations and kept going.

2 thoughts on “Birching His Bride by Golden Angel Book Review”

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I wouldn’t go for this genre at all, but I met this author at a book convention and she pitches her books well! Apparently she never even planned to publish. She had all her work on a blog type post. She had fans of her writing beg her to publish.


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