Depression Sets In

This week and last have been really rough for me. I’ve had a lot of stress in my personal life. I haven’t really felt motivated or inspired at all. All I’ve wanted to do is lay down and give up. Luckily, I have people who care about me in my life. That helps. Even when they don’t know something is wrong. Just thinking about them helps.

I will get back in gear starting Monday. I have been doing nothing but reading. Which has been amazing, but I know I need to get back into productivity. Depression and trying to adjust to a new schedule have been intense to say the least.

I posted a random thing I found on Facebook. My birthday is in August and I’ve been putting some serious thought into doing this. I mean I’ll make an exception for my blog posts, but other than that, I’ll be off social media.

Thank you all in advance for being so very understanding. I know that it would be easier to schedule posts, but I don’t really do well with scheduling posts. I always forget to go in and share. I wish there was a way you can just automatically post it to your social media when it posts. But honestly, in this case, there was no material to schedule. I do have some poems I can post for the rest of the week if anybody wants me to. I’ll also post my reviews like I always do.

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