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Bleeding Girl (A Poem By Me)

There’s blood on the floor……

It’s mixing with the tears that fall from her face……

She’s cold……….

She’s scared……….

She’s used……….

She’s abandoned…………

She’s forgotten……….

She hurts……….

She cries……..

She bleeds…….

Nobody is there for her………

She wonders if anybody ever was………

Who in the world can look somebody in the eyes and say I’ve caused you pain and I’m happy about it???……

Who in this world can make somebody feel so alone so miserable………

Can’t you see she’s bleeding and crying? Bleeding and crying for you!

Why do you let her bleed on the floor?????

Why do you let her cry????

When do you see you’re the one to blame?

When does she get sick of it all and leave?????????

If I walk in, if I pick her up off the floor, if I make the bleeding stop, if I dry her eyes and sing to her………

Who am I?

Am I her?

Am I the one bleeding and crying on the floor?

Am I the one you slashed and left behind?

Am I the one you forgot?

Am I the one who needs to be stronger and not let you beat me down and make me cry??????????

Where do you turn when the one who was always there for you walks away?

What do you do when the one that’s always there to dry your eyes is the one making you cry?

When do you say enough?

When do you say I’m done?

When do you just get up and walk away?

When do they realize they hurt you?

When do they realize they bring you pain????

Will they ever learn?

Or is this the end


My name is Nicole. I'm from Georgia. I really love reading! I've been reading all my life. I didn't always love it. My mom used to have a rule that I couldn't watch the movie before reading the book first. I hated it at first, but I'm glad she made that rule now!

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