The Party Crasher by Erin Bevan Book Review


Kit is devastated when the job that she thinks will finally turn her luck around blows up in her face. To top off her humiliation, she meets a man that she hits it off with right away. Brent witnesses a disaster of an event. But he winds up becoming smitten with Kit. Once he finds out her story and that his parents were involved, he decides to withhold who he is from her.

This book is full of predictable tropes. Including the “don’t tell her who I really am”. I know this is coming out like a bad review, but it’s not. Despite all the eye-roll worthy mess of this story, I loved it. I absolutely just adored it. My only criticism is that it wasn’t long enough for much of the back story to be built up a little better. It’s still a very refreshing read.

The only characters you really get to know fully are Kit and Brent. There are some other characters sprinkled in, but you don’t really get too much of them except dialogue. I adored both Kit and Brent, but I’d of loved to see the back story of some of the other characters. Especially Brent’s parents. They did a good job for a novella though.

The narrator, Ava Lucas, is just too cute! I love the country accent she has in this book. I will be honestly floored if somebody tells me that her accent is faked. She does such a great job with it. I do have a small critique about her though. There were times that she didn’t do tones right for certain characters. It wasn’t many times, and it’s not really that distracting. I think it happened maybe three times.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy this story as much as I did. This was one of my out of my comfort zone picks. I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that I really enjoyed it. I read over half of it in one sitting. Then, I read the other half in another. I’d of probably read all of it in one sitting if I didn’t need sleep and have errands. I fully recommend this for a light and refreshing read.

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