Look Alive Twenty-Five by Janet Evanovich Book Review

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Stephanie finds herself the manager of a deli that has been confiscated when the owner goes FTA. She doesn’t like the fact that she’s been volunteered for a position she has no experience in until she’s offered a nice weekly pay. It’s after she gets to the store that she learns that the previous managers of the deli have disappeared lately. All that’s left behind is a shoe.

This was one of the more interesting books, to say the least. I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed getting to know more about one of my favorite background characters, Hal. It was weird to me that the family wasn’t really in this book all that much. I kind of missed Grandma Maazur’s quirky wit. I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

I will always adore the characters in this series. There’s the cynical Stephanie who is a klutz but is extremely lucky. Lula who is loud and out there. Ranger who’s dark and mysterious. Morelli who’s handsome and flirty. I could go on. I really could. I’ll save it so the reader can read all about them for themselves.

I really have enjoyed this entire series. I can’t believe I’ve actually reached the last one. I know that the next one will be out next month, but that’s beside the point. I started re-reading this series earlier this year because I couldn’t remember where I left off on the series. And now, here I am. Well, here we are since I buddy read it with my Mom. It’s been amazing.

Start the series with One For The Money!

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