Chasing Petalouthes by Effie Kammenou Book Review

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This is the third and final book in this trilogy. I’m sad to have completed this trilogy. This trilogy follows a beautiful Greek family that honors their loved ones and cherishes traditions. It’s beautiful and refreshing. It not only highlights romantic love, but it also highlights love for family and friends. It also shows how friends can grow into family as well. This trilogy is hard to get through without feeling emotions.

How can you not fall in love with all these characters? We have the beautiful Anastacia. She survived the heartache of finding her husband cheating on her. She accepted the help and love of a friend. She also found love again. She found a way to help everybody who’s life she impacted. Then we have Sophia, the daughter. She was strong-willed and fought for what she believed in. I could list every single character, but I’d write a book. There are just so many great ones.

The narrator did a fantastic job with all of the books. I really felt like I was a part of the story. I feel like she’s definitely a big reason for this. There are very few narrators who can actually sound like they have BECOME the character. This is one of those narrators. She’s brilliant. I’ll definitely listen to other audiobooks by her.

This is a beautiful story. I do not feel it can be fully enjoyed without reading the first two books first. I personally felt like I became a part of this family. I loved when they loved. I was happy when they were happy. I was angry and outraged when they were. I also can’t stress enough how genius having recipes littered through all the books are! I’m definitely getting paperbacks when I can!

Book One: Evanthia’s Gift

Book Two: Waiting For Aegina

Boxed Set

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