Lost In Seattle by Charlotte Roth Book Review

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When I first started this book, I thought it was very cheesy. However, I was still intrigued by it as well. The family dynamic was really intriguing. I wondered if it would be enough to keep my attention on this book. It was and then some. What starts out as a seemingly simple story with no real point or conflict at all twists and turns in the most subtle ways possible. It was beautiful and it was sad.

The characters were very relatable. I connected with them all. Especially our main character, Elanor. Many of the characters in this book are very obsessed with the Beatles. The main character is actually named in honor of them. I only had one issue with one of the characters in one scene in the book. But I think I took it too personally more than anything.

I was very impressed by the narrator. She did a fantastic job with this book. I especially loved her voice for Mrs. T. It was absolutely adorable. I hope that she continues narrating the rest of this series. I don’t think I can imagine any other voice for these characters now!

I didn’t expect to love this book but love this book I did. It’s very emotional and beautiful. It’s realistic and a bit of a stretch at the same time. If anybody had a “this could only happen to me moment”, it’s this family. Hands down. I fully recommend.

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