The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty Book Review (2014 and Now)

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2019 Review:

This book was beyond magical to me. I do not feel like I truly read it fully the first time around. There was so much that just hit me this time that I had no memory of. I know I must have read the book fully the first time. But did I really READ it?! This book makes me want to learn more about Louise Brooks. And I loved getting to see the decades that passed as Cora grew after coming home.

I really do feel like I related to Cora a bit, but in ways, I related to Louise too. I don’t think I’d of been as wild as Louise was, but I don’t think I’d of been as by the book as Cora was in the beginning. I’d like to say I am how Cora was in part 3. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I still recommend this book. I really did enjoy it. There were parts of it that make me glad that I reread the book. Ironically, both times were for a book club meeting. I don’t regret it though. I love books like these. I’d read it again if I didn’t have a huge stack to get through.

2014 Review:

I just finished reading The Chaperone. It is written by Laura Moriarty. It is a book set in the twenties about Louise Brooks going to New York for dance lessons with a chaperone. It is set in the chaperone’s point of view and talks about how the trip and her time with Louise Brooks changes her.

I fully enjoyed this book. I wasn’t too fond of either of the characters at first, but once I got more into the story, I was very fond of the main character. I can’t say my opinion of the other character really changed much though.

I didn’t really like how some of the events were prolonged while others were rushed over. I felt like the writer got bored with some parts of the story or ran out of time and had to rush to get it out. I feel that it was a very beautiful story. It was just way too rushed in some parts.

I fully recommend this book. I especially recommend it to all the people who are interested in the twenties era and in flappers. This book is right up their alley. It is a beautiful and inspirational piece. You will not regret reading it!

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