Hell’s Calling by Skye Mackinnon and Bea Paige Book Review

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I enjoyed this story a lot more than I thought I would. I really didn’t care for the beginning. I thought it was going to be a corny and predictable story. I think I’d of preferred to see some flashbacks sprinkled through the story to give it more flair. I’d of also liked to see more points of view. Either way, it was a very nice read.

The characters were okay. I can’t say that I connected with any of them. I felt a great deal of empathy to the main character for losing her sister, but I didn’t connect with her. That doesn’t mean I hated the characters. They just aren’t characters I can relate to. I would like to get some more background information on the main characters in the story.

The narrator did a very good job. The only critique I have about the narration is that some of the male characters weren’t really emphasized well. I couldn’t tell when it switched from narration to them sometimes. But for the most part, she did a terrific job.

I’m unsure at this moment if I will continue on with the series. There’s a chance that I will, but I’m not sure. While I really didn’t hate this story, I didn’t really consider it a favorite either. It wasn’t a story I could gush over. I’m sure there are many readers who will disagree with me. I’m completely okay with that.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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