Fifth Flame by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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I love this trilogy so much. I am just so sad it ended. I’ve mentioned before somewhere that I’m not really a very sappy individual. I mean I feel sadness, but it’s hard to cry over things. This made me want to cry in happiness and cry that it’s over!

The characters were still just as amazing as the first two books. A lot of people have book boyfriends. I have a book girlfriend now. Maybe two. Rachel is one of them. Lola is pretty amazing too. They are just both strong women who are talented and loyal!

As with the first two, the narrator did a fantastic job. As I haven’t listened to her do other audiobooks, I’m unsure if it’s because I loved this trilogy so much or if she’s super talented. I am willing to bet she’s super talented.

I am back on the thinking that these three books could have been combined into one. There wasn’t really a tournament in this one. I really enjoyed all three of them though. I found them all amazing. I didn’t want to stop reading about Rachel and Lola and everybody else!

2 thoughts on “Fifth Flame by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review”

  1. They sound like great books! I adore strong heroines ❤ I agree with you that some book series should be turned in to a single novel. I had that same thought yesterday when finishing the second ARC book in a series that should have been a single novel, in my opinion. Great review!

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    1. Thank you so much! Normally the ones i feel like could have been condensed annoy me so badly. But this one wasn’t so bad. I get why the authors broke them into three books. It’s a great trilogy either way. If you read it, definitely let me know! 🙂

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