Fifth Soul by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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First of all, the cover is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! This story was so amazing. I was instantly drawn into the world and wanted to just stay there. There are dragons and online games. Where could one go wrong? I didn’t want to come out of the world quite frankly. My only critique is that it was too short! I know there are a few other books in the series, but still. I also wish the whole dragon heritage was explained in more detail. But maybe it will in the next books.

The characters were pretty amazing. I feel like I got to know Lola and Rachel the most in the book, but I have a strong feeling I’ll get to know the three men as the series progresses. I totally ship Lola and Rachel though. It was so beautiful. I want a relationship like that. The closeness of best friends and the love of lovers! Where can you go wrong?

The narrator was pretty fantastic as well. The accent was so adorable. I’m not sure if I’ve listened to other books by her in the past, but I can assure you that I plan to listen to more. Not including the next two for this book. She has a lot of talent. I could see her becoming one of my top favorites.

There’s a chance that I’ll eventually feel that maybe all three of these books could have been condensed into one books. That won’t happen until after I’ve read all three books. Either way, the story is wonderful. I have loved it from the first page! Can’t wait to read more.

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