Fifth Round by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape Book Review

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I reiterate what I stated in a previous review about how awesome it is to mix dragons with a game tournament. I suppose dragon shifters would be more appropriate, but it’s still awesome to me. This is a very unique series. I just adore it and can’t wait to read the rest.

The characters are still very connectable. I do feel that rather than getting more of the secondary characters get pulled to the front, Rachel was pushed a bit to the back in this one. She wasn’t participating in the tournament though. To be fair. There seems to be a hint about her that has transgressed to this book that’s really nagging at me.

The narrator did well on this book as well. I stick by what I said about wanting to listen to other books she narrates. I did notice a bit of an audio issue with these books. There were parts that were a bit sluggish. It distorted the narrator’s voice a bit. It was only short bursts and barely happened.

I am changing my opinion on the possibility of these being combined into one. Each book is based on a tournament. That’s justification enough for me. Both books have been really cute and easy reads. I can’t wait to read the rest.

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