Getting Messy by Mira Stanley Book Review

Insane how the story is progressing! I am invested now and need more! The one thing I want to restate is that I feel these could have been condensed to one book. I do get why it was done this way though. I really like the story! I’m shocked I do, but I do! I want to read the next one!

The characters are pretty impressive still too. I was hoping that I would get to see more of Rico in this one with him having a part at the ending of the second book. I was disappointed there. But there are some hints that he might have more of a role in the fourth book! We shall see!

The narrator is still fantastic as well! I want to go find all the books he’s narrated before and listen to them all. He has a very good voice. He has quickly made h8is way to the top of my favorites list for sure! He definitely pulled me into the story!

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