Summer Safety Tips


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Many consider summer in the USA to unofficially start in May, which happens to also be Bicycle Safety Month! As such, this is a perfect time to think about a crucial - if unglamorous - side to cultural exchange: staying safe!

Many big U.S. cities have public bicycle rental options. These can be great ways to spend a day! But please also remember to be safe; according to the National Safety Council, bicycle-related accidents peak in the summer months, starting in June, and they remain high through September. Find tips for bike safety here.

A young woman rides a bicycle in New York City
While au pair Dham enjoyed New York City on bike, she might have also considered wearing a helmet 😉
Image courtesy of Dham.

Hiking is another way to explore the beauty of the American outdoors! If a hiking trip isn’t on your U.S. bucket list, it should be. But please consider these safety tips as you strap on your hiking boots!

Four people stand in front of a rock formation at Canyonlands National Park.
Kamila hiked around the American West after her Work & Travel USA program.
Image courtesy of Kamila.

It can get hot biking and hiking! As many InterExchange participants learn, relaxing in the water is a great way to cool off! Remember to be safe there as well!

A young man swims in the ocean
Work & Travel USA alum Alparslan enjoys a dip in the ocean.
Image courtesy of Alparslan.

Finally, everyone in the USA in July should experience a July Fourth celebration! Also known as our Independence Day, it’s an opportunity to learn about the country while meeting new people and trying new foods! (Here’s what to expect at a July Fourth barbeque, for example!) Another essential part of the holiday are fireworks. They can be fun, but also dangerous! Find some fireworks tips and resources here.

No matter where in the USA you’ll be this summer, you can look forward to much excitement! Have fun, and be safe. And remember to tag us as you experience new cultures! Find us on Instagram and TikTok at @InterExchange!

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Matt Wallace is the Community & Digital Content Manager for the InterExchange Marketing team. He received a Master of Science in Global Affairs from New York University, and worked with the State Department and two New York organizations with missions to introduce young people to multiculturalism and international relations. He is excited to leverage this experience with InterExchange!