Program Fee

$295 (Due at the time of application)

*2022 fees have been waived

Your program fee covers all of the following:

  • Summer job placement with one of our five trusted host employers
  • Arrangement of local housing at or very near your job location
  • Support throughout the application and interview process
  • In-depth orientation prior to your program
  • Regular check-ins and 24-hour support throughout your program
  • Cultural, reflective, and career development information, activities, and support

Other Costs Not Included in Program Fee

  • Travel to your job: ~$300-400 (depending on the distance from your home to your job placement)
  • Housing: ~$115-450 per month, depending on your job placement. All housing will be arranged by InterExchange and your host employer, and will be directly at or very near your job location. A deposit might be required.
  • Meals, local transportation, and incidentals: $150-200 per month

How Much Will I Earn and Spend?

All job placements will earn at least minimum wage. Hourly pay will vary depending on the specific host employer and position.

You can expect to spend between $1,500 and $2,000 throughout your American Summer Exchange Program. We suggest you budget at least $900-1,200 to cover your initial costs and deposits when you arrive to your host employer, and to cover any unexpected or emergency situations before your first paycheck.

In general, participants can cover the above expenses with earnings from their job. Our most recent international participant survey showed that our Work & Travel USA international students were able to earn enough money to cover these expenses, and many were able to save enough to travel in the U.S. before returning home.